Parts of a Security System


Motion Detectors

The reliability and performance of your security system can be greatly enhanced or hampered by your choice of motion detector. The key point to consider is this: if the alarm sounds on your system, has an intruder entered… or is it a false alarm? It’s not something you want to be in doubt about, which is why Bravo brand detectors have risen to become the overwhelming choice of home and business owners worldwide.

Nothing can match a Dual Tech for its sensitivity, accuracy and built-in immunity to false alarms. Even lightning, static shocks and power surges are no match for Dual Tech’s superior design. Simply put, Bravo is built to provide the highest immunity to false alarms possible… without compromising effectiveness (known as catch) in any way.

By ensuring significantly higher levels of accuracy and stability under all environmental and climatic conditions, Dual Tech  motion detectors offer precisely the level of security you’re looking for. And to make extra sure, every individual unit is functionally tested before leaving the factory.

By recommending Dual Tech, we demonstrate our genuine concern for your safety and security. By choosing Dual Tech, you are joining hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who wouldn’t settle for anything less.


Because no security system can outperform the detector that alerts it, you need Dual Tech motion detectors for complete peace of mind. Dual Tech astounding accuracy comes from its ability to analyze each movement, adjust automatically for “fast/slow” and “near/distant” motion, and respond within a fraction of a second.


Regardless of temperature changes – which tends to increase or decrease a detector’s sensitivity – Dual Tech ensures uniform security from 32 ° F (0 °C) to 122 °F (50 °C). Automatic temperature compensation maintains maximum catch … without any increase in risk of false alarms.

False Alarm Immunity

Dual Tech works just as precisely to prevent false alarms as it does to catch an intruder. With smarter microprocessors, stronger light filters, unique motion analysis and carefully positioned suppressors, Bravo assures outstanding protection against all false alarm sources … lightning, power surges, static, radio interference, car headlights, fluorescent lights, insects and dust.


Because of its incomparable reputation for accuracy, immunity and reliability, Dual Tech  has rapidly become one of the most widely used motion detectors in the world. It has proven itself in all types of environments – private homes, office buildings, commercial, institutional and industrial complexes – and under all climatic conditions.


Glass Break Detectors

When you consider that breaking a window is the most common way an intruder would gain access to your home or business, installing a Shatter Pro  glassbreak detector isn’t a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Acuity is nothing less than the most advanced glassbreak detector available today. It incorporates DYNAMIC SOUND ANALYSIS – a detection system so innovative, it’s recognized by two patents pending.* The result? Greater sensitivity, faster response and the highest immunity to the sounds that can cause other detectors to false alarm.

Equally important, Shatter Pro offers all this performance and peace-of-mind, while also being remarkably small, beautifully designed and virtually service free. It’s the perfect combination: advanced design, exceptional performance and reliable protection for many years to come.

Virtual Invisibility

Shatter Pro is designed to provide the essential protection you need without interfering with your lifestyle or decor. Shatter Pro  is not only beautifully designed and remarkably small, it features a sophisticated microphone system designed to hear glass breakage up to 25 feet away. So just one Shatter Pro  glassbreak detector may be all you need.

Smart Sense

Shatter Pro  advanced sound analysis technology can detect all of the common types of breaking glass with ease: plate, laminated, wired or tempered. In addition to glass type, it also accommodates changes in pane size, glass thickness and room acoustics. For ease of installation and protection of all types of framed glass, Shatter Pro  is the perfect glassbreak detector.

Ready When Needed

Ultimately, a glassbreak detector is limited by how well it hears all sounds and by how smart it is in reacting to just the one sound that poses a threat to your security. On both counts, nothing comes close to Acuity’s patented DYNAMIC SOUND ANALYSIS. The product of years of research and development effort, Dynamic Sound Analysis starts with an advanced microphone system able to capture sound far beyond the range of human hearing, at low volume and up to 25 feet away. Once captured, sound is digitally analyzed for the unique signature of breaking glass in remarkable detail. In a fraction of a second, Acuity delivers exceptional detection performance? when you need it the most.

… And Only When Needed

Shatter Pro  patented DYNAMIC SOUND ANALYSIS also sets a new standard for immunity to false alarms caused by sounds that can easily confuse other detectors. Acuity doesn’t look for a few sound characteristics that “sound like” broken glass, it is designed to respond only to an exact match. Rattling car keys, a ringing telephone or a chirping bird – no problem. Shatter Pro is designed to provide the highest immunity to false alarms without lowering the standard for exceptional detection performance.


Smoke Detectors

Range of Application

With its advanced 90 ° photoelectric detection pattern, Meridian offers superior detection of smoldering or rapid growth fires under a broad range of applications and changing environmental conditions.

Hot Tip

In addition to its superior ability to detect smoke, Meridian offers you yet another critical safeguard – it is available with a built-in sensor designed to detect the presence of heat caused by a fire that starts and develops very rapidly.

Instant Status

With a quick glance at the LED indicator located at the top of your Meridian unit, you can see in an instant if the smoke detector is ‘on’ or its alarm/trouble/normal status.


System Sensor  exclusive detection pattern smoke chamber design cannot be found in just any ordinary smoke detector. System Sensor design offers greater sensitivity to smoke and at the same time, superior immunity to dust, insects and other environmental factors – conditions that may leave a lesser quality smoke detector impaired and unable to alert you.


Every 40 seconds, System Sensor does an automatic self-test. So when your unit is low on power or when its sensitivity to smoke has fallen, it will let you know – right away. And whenever you need to check the smoke detector yourself, you can conduct a manual test by simply pushing the button at the top of the unit.


Door / Window Contacts

Otherwise known as perimeter protection devices, these detectors provide immediate alarm should an intruder force a window or door. They should be applied to all accessible means of entry.


Indoor Sirens  

With an indoor siren, your family will be immediately alerted to potential danger… and intruders will know they have been detected. Indoor sirens also alert you when you have performed an incorrect programming sequence and accidentally tripped the alarm system.



Offering one-touch programming, keypad controls combine ease of use with stylish design to match your decor.