emPower enables you to  monitor and control your  property and your energy use ”  right from your cell phone.

With emPower by Alarm.com, you  can have remote control and intelligent  automation of the lights, appliances,  thermostats and door locks at your  home or business, giving you the ability  to make smarter energy decisions more  conveniently.

emPower is a feature-rich home automation  and energy management solution that can  be integrated with your existing Alarm.com  interactive security services. In addition to  better, smarter security, emPower provides  features for increased energy efficiency  and greater peace of mind through one  complete system.

Whether you’d like to conserve more  energy or have more control and insight  into the activity in your home or business,  emPower is the solution.  Get started with emPower today for  greater security, convenience, control  and peace of mind.

With emPower, you can:

  • Set your home or business to warm up or cool  down automatically as part of your morning  and evening routines.
  • Create automatic light schedules that can  deter intruders and fit your personal lifestyle.
  • Set up user codes for anyone who has access  to your property, so you can see who unlocked  a door and when.
  • Get real-time email and text message  notifications when a lock or thermostat  setting has changed.
  • Enable included features such as ‘Extreme  Temps  to put your home on autopilot and  conserve energy when it’s extremely hot  or cold outside.